About Overwatch Open

The Overwatch Open comprises of online phases for European and North American teams ran and broadcast by FACEIT, as well as Regional and Grand Finals, which will take place at Turner Studios’ E-LEAGUE arena in Atlanta. The Grand Final will be presented live both on TBS and all stages via Twitch on www.twitch.tv/overwatchopen. Competitors in the Overwatch Open will be vying for their share of a USD 300,000 prize pool, making it the largest Overwatch competition to date.


Weekly Open Tournaments

Four Weekly Open Tournaments running on Saturday and Sunday with up to 128/256 teams.
Winner team of each qualifier advances directly into the Group Stage (Playoffs), joined by twelve teams with most ranking points.

Overwatch Open format: playoffs

Weekly ranking points are assigned as the following:

  • 1 Directly to Group Stage
  • 2 22 points
  • 3–4 14 points
  • 5–8 8 points
  • 9–16 4 points
  • 17–32 2 points



Online Playoffs

Four groups with four teams per region fight in a double elimination style bracket.
Top two teams of each group advance to the live finals.

Overwatch Open format: open qualifiers

Here the top eight European and North American teams will clash versus each others in a nail-biting live event.



Live Finals

Eight teams (eight from each region Group Stage) will compete live for a spot in the grand finals, in a double elimination format.

North American Regional Finals will be held Sunday and Monday, September 25–26, ahead of the European Regional Finals played on Wednesday and Thursday, September 28–29.



Grand Final

Winner of the North American Regional Finals and winner of the European Regional Finals will clash in the Grand Final for grand prize live on TBS!

Overwatch Open Grand Final will be held Friday, September 30 and will showcase the top team from each Region.


Help section

How to Create an account

Registering your Battle.net account on FACEIT is quick and simple, check out this video that shows you the process

FACEIT – How to add friends

Once your account is linked you need to add friends so you can find them quickly and in preparation for making your team.

FACEIT – How to create a pre-made team add friends

You can join tournaments solo but its always better with your trusty team around you. Here you can find out how to simply set this up.

FACEIT – How to sign up for tournaments

Finally you are ready to go! In this video you will learn how to sign up to a tournament as a pre-made team, a group or solo. GLHF!